Koi Colors in Your Koi Pond by Michael Tan

So what is a Koi? It is a fish grown in the orient and is popular among fish lovers. Koi are popular for their colors. Koi also serve as a source of food and income. Whether a pet lover or fish farmer, it is important to consider the environment in which the fish will be grown. A simple pond that has the necessary requirements for a koi will do. So, let's check what these requirements are.

The first thing to consider when planning to farm fish is the size of the pond. 20 koi should be good in a 2000 gallon pond. A bigger pond will even be better. Koi are quite large and grow to as big as 3 feet long. The depth of the pond is also another thing to consider. A depth of 4.5 feet will suffice to keep predators from reaching in and grabbing the fish. When it comes to security, you might as well opt to set up a fence around the pond while keeping in mind your need to access any side of the pond.

If you are designing the pond, it must be designed in such a way that adjustments can be made later on. Again the fish grows quite large even if schooling is rare. The pond should be located in an area where the water will stay cool. A location under the tree is not recommended because trees shed leaves.

For serious breeders, a serious set of gear must also be purchased in order to grow kois successfully. You need to provide pond supplies. Food supply is one of these things you need to provide, which can be purchased from typical pet shops. But to be sure, you can visit farm supplies. Another thing you need to provide is a water pump that will be used to pump water out of the pond and back again. This is for the simple reason of aeration. Stagnant water will develop carbon dioxide and will kill the fish. Aside from aeration, you need to keep the water as clean as possible. You can do this by using a filtration system and protein skimmer.

Your next concern is to keep the water temperature wherein the koi can grow. The best temperatures would be at 65 degrees to 75 degrees fahrenheit. Any lower will cause the fish to stop feeding or worse, at extremely low temperature, will lower its immune system. This will make the fish vulnerable to disease.

No matter what you are aiming for, when growing koi, it is important to provide them with an environment that will suit their needs. The environment will affect the growth of the koi and when provided insufficiently may cause a lot of trouble later on. Growing koi are not as easy as putting a gold fish in a fish tank because of all the factors to consider. As for the supplies, these can be purchased locally or online as always.

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